The Hold (2019) Solo performance at Tate St Ives, Cornwall (UK)

Commission for Late at Tate in association with Huguette Caland exhibition

Spoken scripted text, recorded soundtrack, latex catsuit, yellow microphone cable, acrylic paint, tissue paper, ink, satin ribbon, perspex lectern, gallery seating (25’00)

A meandering exploration of the performance title, engaging with the curvaceous forms and erotic themes present in Caland’s work, re-configured memories of holding and being held, and intimacy and distance. Through a combination of a spoken scripted text, recorded soundtrack, snug costume, and sculptural props, the work struck a delicate balance between suggestive and explicit content – transforming private experience into public expression


Read short performance script here

Watch short edit of performance – vimeo

Listen to live recording of full performance – soundcloud




Images © Tate. Photos: Kirstin Prisk. All paintings © Huguette Caland