Your head is a casket for the cool jewel of your mind (2016) Performance at Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh (UK)

Solo performance at Nemoralia one-day event curated by Alexa Hare, Jupiter Artland Sculpture Park, Edinburgh (2016)

Performance inside Temple of Apollo (2005) public sculpture by Ian Hamilton Finlay. Amplified live singing, recorded electronic music, custom clear vinyl jacket, L.E.D lights, spraypainted microphone cable, vape (6’30”)

Recorded music and live singing of Love Immersion dance track made in collaboration with Simon Bayliss as ‘Splash Addict’. During the performance, this track was sung live and amplified through a microphone with a spray-painted cable. Vape was inhaled and exhaled outwards during instrumental parts of the recorded dance track. Instrumental moments also contained the sound of exhaled breath. Lights worn around the neck were switched on, highlighting the interior of the transparent vinyl jacket slowly steaming up from body heat. Title of work taken from an excerpt of an untitled love poem by e.e.cummings.

Photos: Jupiter Artland