Gift of Tongues (2017) Exhibition soundtrack, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK

54’00” (looped), stereo 2-channel. Produced by Simon Bayliss

‘Gift of Tongues’ (2017) is a 54-minute recorded soundtrack constantly looped throughout the gallery featuring music made in collaboration with artists Rory Pilgrim (collaboration as The Brilliant State), Simon Bayliss (collaboration as Splash Addict), and Dawn Bothwell (collaboration as Charm Offensive). Punctuating this music are spoken lyrics and field recordings; the sound of the artist’s heels on a train platform, her singing in spaces with high acoustic properties in Rotterdam, London, and Newcastle, and the drum of rain on glass windows, all mixed into a repetitive dance beat. Gift of Tongues is a wandering, unfurling soundscape of different moods and moments – Grand Union Press release, 2017


Soundcloud image: Detail of hand-drawn gallery map for Pleasure is a Weapon exhibition handout

Cover image: Performance by The Brilliant State, collaboration with Rory Pilgrim. Opening event for Pleasure is a Weapon,  Grand Union, Birmingham (2017). Photo: Marcinsz