Performance and exhibition, CIRCA Projects at Workplace Gallery (2015). Photos courtesy of CIRCA Projects

Charcoal wall drawings after CIRCA Projects performance at Workplace Gallery. Drawings from performance remained on the gallery walls for duration of exhibition, alongside work by Josephine Flynn, Matthew Crawley and Keith Farquhar

Performance and exhibition at Exeter Phoenix (2016)

Charcoal wall drawings remained in the gallery for duration of exhibition

Performance at Spike Island, Bristol (2015). Photos courtesy of Spike Island/Cullen Ogden


Performance and collaborative wall drawing (2015-2018)

Features spoken soundtrack and recorded music playlist

Bedswerver (July 2018) Performance and installation as part of group show at Flat 2, London. Featuring work by Jonathan Baldock, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Susie Green, Celia Hempton, Alexis Teplin, Julie Verhoeven

EXHIBITION (2015). Performance and installation at EXHIBITION, group show curated by CIRCA Projects at Workplace Gallery. Featuring work by Henry Coombes, Ian Breakwell & Mike Leggett, Cara Tolmie, Tim Etchells, Keith Farquhar, Josephine Flynn, Susie Green, Matthew Crawley

Spike Island, Bristol (2015) Performance in association with The Foundation, exhibition by Patrick Staff

Exeter Phoenix (2016) Performance and installation