(L) Painting Jumper (black) (2016) Oil paint on Cashmere Jumper. Photo: Josefin Bengtsson (R) Club Goddess (2020) Live stream commissioned by Kunstraum, London. Hosted by Susie Green with guests Simon Bayliss, Kim Coleman, and Rory Pilgrim (36’19”). Visualisation and digital production by Thomas Cuckle.

Double Streamers (2020) acrylic on canvas, 200 x 150cm

Avatar IX (2020) metallic watercolour and pencil on 300gsm Arches cotton paper, 38 x 28cm

Avatar V (2020) watercolour and pencil on 300gsm Arches cotton paper, 38 x 28cm

Avatar VI (2020) metallic watercolour and pencil on 300gsm Arches cotton paper, 38 x 28cm

Double Trouble (2021) Online solo exhibition, Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin (DE)

New Viewings curated by Andrew Renton

If sensuality forms a large part of the subject matter explored in Susie Green’s work, so the mediums in which she works reflect a sensual relationship to materials. Highly liquid paints are absorbed into surfaces – an erotics of making, where the making is as seductive as the iconography explored. Subject matter and handling become one. And in turn, the imagery can be turned into repeated forms, motifs, or patterns. This process of reworking takes the image away from the source material while retaining the charge of that point of origin. A larger-than-life version of Susie enigmatically welcomes you to her exhibition, dressed in her own hand-painted sweater. Performance is a key component to Green’s work, but this presentation of herself is offered as a feature of generosity, an ambiguous contrast to the fetish-garb persona of her Club Goddess video. Where is the public or private face?

– Andrew Renton, 2020

About New Viewings: Facing the current global challenges caused by the pandemic crisis, it is of urgent importance to stay in touch and exchange ideas. Staying creative and keeping the gallery as a safe-space for art is still our main focus. With our new online format New Viewings, we want to provide an experimental form of presentation through which we can build a network of diverse artistic positions and ideas. Turning our physical gallery into a virtual space we invite curators to host a series of solo shows. They propose four artists to use images of our empty gallery space, like a colouring in book in order to create their shows. The project is driven by the gallery‘s mission to be a positive and creative space for artistic utopias, even in times of economic global crisis

– Galerie Barbara Thumm, 2020